Windows 10 Redstone

Microsoft Redstone Update to be Previewed Soon

Microsoft introduced Windows 8 in order to make major changes to the operating system’s platform and improve the user experience on tablets, but the move backfired in the sense that the new operating system came in for a lot of criticism. To counter some of that Windows 8.1 was released in 2013, which was later followed by Windows 10–released in July 2015.
Redstone, the codename for the first major update for Windows 10 is very much regarded as the ‘next’ version of Windows and hopes to do what 8.1 did for Windows 8- it promises to bring about many much-needed changes and improvements to Windows 10.
The first insider preview build of Windows 10 Redstone was released in the middle of December 2015—build release 11082—and appeared to focus on ‘product improvements’ based on user feedback, rather than effecting changes. According to Gabriel Aul, Vice President of Microsoft’s WDG Engineering Systems team, more Redstone builds will be available this year.
The recent Redstone release is part of the Redstone development branch RS1 and that means there could be many more builds becoming available for insiders to test before public its release in the second half of 2016.

Insiders had reported several issues with the build -default application resetting, apps automatically closing to name a few. Aul noted that the Redstone build will come to Insiders in “a few more days.” Hopefully, all these will have been sorted out before the public launch.

In the past, many Windows users have been victims of operating systems that lack standardized scaling practices. Redstone is expected to allay any fears of that happening with the new release of Windows 10 Redstone.
With likely improvements being made to OneCore, the shared core of Windows that makes it possible for operating systems to work across many devices, a better and enhanced user experience seems to be within sight for all users.
With new Redstone builds and faster roll-outs promised, there are bound to be several thorny issues for users, but over time, these will be ironed out. There are rumors that Windows 10 Redstone update is expected to be released in June 2016. It is still too soon to speculate as to what new features will available as part of that update.
User anticipation is high and people are hoping for new features and issue fixes with the new Redstone builds to make up for the issues delivered in the initial Windows 10 release. It remains to be seen whether it will live up to customer expectations.

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