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Prosthetics More Accessible Than Ever Thanks To Open-Source

Some years back when one would talk about prosthetics it would mean having something really heavy, a hunk of metal,wood or plastic attached to your body.  Besides, the weight and other characteristics it was a complicated, expensive and time-consuming process.  However, there has been considerable evolution in this field over time now.

What are Prosthetics?

Prosthetics, in simple terms is a discipline that includes crafting, designing and building mechanical devices and artificial limbs, and fitting the right device into patients.  There are programs, courses and degrees that offer expertise training in the field.  In the last few years prosthetics has become a common phenomenon in the trading world.

Development in the Prosthetic arena:

Thanks to the huge number of designers who are pushing themselves to develop and make available prosthetics in a quick and customised way, there is a renaissance in the field of prosthetics boosted by crowdfunded budget and open source ethos.  Prosthetics have crossed all taboos, traditional and conventional ideologies and now is quickly accepted and used by individuals with very little mechanical know how in a much faster and robotic way.

Prosthetics these days are made with plastic that’s super durable which can be controlled by EMG sensors, wherein stainless steel tendons let the plastic bones grip and pinch, and most of the Prosthetic hands, arms, legs and other parts are powered by rechargeable lithium ion or camera batteries.

The Prosthetic Community has today bloomed and grown into a beacon of expectation, optimism, confidence and hope for many and has delivered prosthetic hands and other products to its beneficiaries all over the world and is sure to make a lot of difference to people all over the world who need help.

Most of the Prosthetic devices are comprised of 3D printed parts and made quite cool looking as it can be.There are real life superheroes who spend the majority of their time designing, tuning and assembling things in a better way just to make people smile.

Online market:

The immense success of Prosthetics can be attributed to the open markets online. The online materials come readily, cheaply and are available at the end of your finger-tips.  The prosthetic market has undergone an interesting evolution over time.

There are various websites and blogs with tutorials, instructional videos, forums and open source materials that offer proper guidance and help with prosthetic products.   You can always email, message and find people on websites who’ll come back on your queries, clearing up any and all of the fears and confusion surrounding prosthetics.


In an age where we find ourselves amidst stories of intolerance, hatred and tragedy, wherein humans suffer in the hands of their fellow humans, the Prosthetic market comes as a beacon of hope and light that makes life brighter for those who are in darkness.  Technology, resources and the right words add magic that make things fall into place for those people who are in need.  Online trading has made prosthetic products accessible effortlessly to all at affordable prices.

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