PS4 Remote Play

Sony to Start Work on PS4’s Remote Play App for PC and Mac

You have a TV but are still unable to play Destiny on your desktop computer while your kids are happily watching TV?  Sony has the perfect solution for all your woes.  For all the gadget lovers, here is some good news- Sony now intends to release a remote play title that will allow its users to stream games from their PlayStation 4 to a Mac or PC.

Sony – the trendsetter

It was Sony that started a trend with Remote Play, which has thereon grown with adaptation and size.  Paired with a tablet, notebook or desktop on Windows 10, it allows its users to connect a controller and streamline the games they want.  The features are however limited, the users have to plug in their wireless adapter and streamline games only on local networks which can be a costly affair.

What to expect?

It is expected that Sony will be looking to add DualShock 4 compatibility as most of the PS4 games require full assortment of shoulder, analog, face button and sometimes touchpad controls in order to interact property. It will support both Mac OS X and Windows.

Sony’s currently existing Remote play allows you to use the PS TV or PS Vita to play your PS4 games being away from the main TV.  It is really enjoyable when used right, but with poor Internet or Wi-Fi connectivity it is a poor experience.  In such a scenario the new Remote Play app is a worthy incentive when available for PC/Mac.

Microsoft and Sony

Microsoft has already made its debut on Xbox One wherein it allows its users to dangle games to a Windows 10 PC.  At present the official PS4 Remote App is limited to PlayStation Vita portable game system and new Sony Xperia devices.  Sony therefore markets a PS4 DualShock 4 Controller mount for tablets and smartphones to enable good controls rather than buttons and virtual nubs.  Both Microsoft and Sony have been very aggressive and very open to integrating smartphone and tablet into their platform of gaming ecosystems.


Going through the history of Sony and its excellent track record it is unlikely that they will be charging for the Service.  However, no formal announcement has been made in this regard.


One can hereby presume that this new move by Sony to start work on PS4’s Remote Play app for PC and Mac may act wonders for people crazy on streamlining and playing their favourite game.  This new strategy indicates and enhances chances of up-gradation with the PlayStation experience. Finally, the PS4 is increasingly becoming more of a gaming console. This would help in bringing up solid sales for Sony in the coming days.

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