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The Best Gadgets for Student Living

It’s the perfect time to set new goals and turn over a new leaf as you step into a new academic year. Gadgets always help in watering the budding scholar in you, whether you are counting down to graduation or still green around the edges, these modern devices will help you make your collegiate an ever treasurable experience. The best of gadgets help you gear up for success and achievement.

Let’s now take you through some prominent gadgets that will help the student in you to turn the table around, technology added with aptitude results in the perfect ‘you’.


Charging case


As a student you are always on your toes, running from class to class, undergoing internships, part-time jobs and extra-curricular activties, you are always on the run. In this busy schedule of student life, mobile becomes your best friend, you need to keep it in good spirits, always charged. The Resurgence case extends the battery life of your mobiles twice over and will also auto stop charging, hence conserving power. As an added extra, it will also protect your phone from any obstacle it would bump into.


Wireless Photo Printer, Copier and Scanner


Printing long and never ending assignments and essays is a tedious job. Hence, wireless printers are a compulsory piece of equipment in the life of a student. It is a perfect, well used and incredibly handy gadget that keeps you going throughout and is the ultimate solution to all your printing woes, and saving those never ending last-minute trip to the library to print the next version of your paper.


Handy charging back pack


Dragging technology to school has raised to a new level. You can now organize and gear a new backpack come battery charger that has USB ports and separate storage for all of your daily essentials.


Get smart with your< smartphone


Amazed, stunned, excited and shocked are some of the words that you could use to describe the new Apps that are available for students these days. Download new generation apps on your smartphone and get smarter each day. The apps come handy to students loaded with their share of excitement and thrill, whilst still being easy to use and customisable. Apps like Mint, Dragon Dictation, WhatsApp, Seamless/GrubHub connect you with buddies and the latest information immediately.


External hard drive


An External Hard Drive is an insurance policy for any student, and one that you cannot afford to not use. Having a back up of all of your work, photos and files incase your laptop or PC happens to crash will act as a life saver to you in every situation. It can be used with mobile devices and comes at very affordable price when compared to other similar gadgets.


Heated coffee mug


Handy Coffee Mug enables you to grab your coffee when you are on the go. Just incase you are commuting by car, then use an auto adapter to keep your coffee of joy piping hot. You can plug it into your laptop’s USB port and sip it happily during a lecture.




Technological advancement doubled with the urge to make things better and more convenient has led to the invention of various gadgets that keep student life under the cosy blanket of comfort and luxury. Student life would no more be the same with the coming of these advanced, innovative pieces of scientific advancement.

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