Google Nexus 6p

Top Android Alternatives to the iPhone 7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

A fantastic looking phone with gorgeous curved edges that is a delight to use. The 3600mAH battery can last up to 24 hours which is testament to the work that Samsung have put into this phone. Some of the other major selling points of this device are that its waterproof, has a micro SD card and is a very powerful offering.

One highlight is the 12 megapixel camera that takes clean, crisp photos.

Google Nexus 6p


The Nexus 6 is the phone to buy if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to other android phones, but don’t want to shirk on quality. It has a great camera that is capable of capturing incredible photos and videos. Battery life is the area where the nexus 6 excels, and will last a day of heavy use, and up to two days of light use.


Another phone at an affordable price that doesn’t let you down on quality. A powerful phone that runs smoothly and quickly, making apps easy to open and use. The camera is sharp and clear, giving you breathtaking photos. The battery is reliable, the phone charges quickly and the device is very easy to use and also to navigate.


The most impressive aspect of this phone is the audio. With headphones in you’ll get a remarkably clear sound with BoomSound audio. It has a micro SD slot and 32GB of storage and the battery life has been improved from previous models, lasting you all day. The screen provides clear and detailed images and it is very responsive when it comes to opening apps and runs very smoothly.

Sony Xperia X5

The Sony Xperia has a great display; it’s bright, crisp, and you can see the screen with clarity. The frosted finish to the phone is very aesthetically pleasing. The fingerprint scanner is very responsive, unlike on other similar smartphones, providing safety and security to your phone.

Moto G4

The Moto G4 has great performance considering its price, compared to other high-end phones. The camera provides colorful and vibrant pictures in a range of light conditions. The memory can be expanded using a micro SD card and the phone is a good size and easy to handle.


The LG G5 has a great battery that will last a day and comes equipped with the ability to charge quickly for those that are on the o. The camera is brilliant and the wide angle camera takes amazing landscape photos that offers a different perspective that other phones just cannot compete with. It is a well-built phone that comes at a decent price. The modular design of the G5 makes swapping the battery very simple and convenient.

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