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Top Wearable Devices to Use with Your Smartphone

Wearable gadgets have become even more sophisticated and most of them are bundled with smartphones. In fact wearable technology is available to wear anywhere from your head to your feet. Wearable smart devices are available as watches, glasses, wristbands, shoes, etc.

The Galaxy Gear Smart Watch is slim and does not add any bulk to your wrist unlike some other smart watches. It has a 1.63-inch Super AMOLED screen and a 1.9 Megapixel camera. This smartwatch is compatible with the Galaxy Note and other Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The watch enables you to make calls and the S Voice personal assistant allows you to control a number of functions on the Galaxy Note and so leaves your hands free to do other tasks.

Nike Fuel Band is a wearable activity tracker that measures and shares your activities on the LED screen. It informs you about the calories you have burnt and the time taken to do so. The device is equipped with an integrated USB port that you can sync to your computer. The FuelBand can also be wirelessly synced to your smartphones if it has an iOS device. Another top wearable gadget by Nike is Nike Hyperdunk+. This device can be used for basketball players who wish to monitor their speed, the height of their jumps and even watch videos of their game. The sensors on the shoes transmit this information, record videos and transmit them to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Google Glass is another of the other top wearable gadgets that allow you to control many functions of the camera with just your voice or a tap. The price is a bit steep but the hands-free device allows you to take photos, record videos, browse the internet, make calls, send messages, share, use GPS or apps and listen to music too. All of these functions are controlled with your voice alone or if you like with a touch on the frame of the glasses. This wearable gadget is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones on which it displays all information. Wearing the glasses adds a new dimension to your device experience.

NuMetrex Fabric Chest Strap monitors your heart rate with sensors that are integrated into the fabric. The chest strap fits tightly and each time you breathe the fabric moves. This movement is the heart rate which the transmitter, at the front of the strap, sends information about to a sports watch, cardio equipment or a smartphone.

The Spotnsave Wristband has been devised with the idea of allowing you to send an SOS message to your loved ones if you are in some emergency situation. You can activate the gadget’s emergency alert system by pressing twice on the wristband button. It is easy to use as you just need to install the App, choose up to four guardians you would like to contact in an emergency and pair up the App with the wristband via Bluetooth. The app sends an SMS every two minutes to your guardians about you needing help along with your location.

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